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Stop and smell the rhododendrons

by Michael Polzella
purple flowers

Throughout June – National Great Outdoors Month – Western North Carolina comes to life with wildflowers dotting the Appalachians. If you missed the spring blooms, look for these blossoms:

• Fire pinks – Bright, red perennials.

• Ox-eye daisies – A white-and-yellow classic

• Gray’s lily – Also known as the orange bell lily

• Turkey beard – Resembling a certain bird

• White and purple rhododendrons – They have poisonous characteristics

Admire the natural elegance of these flowers at state parks, like Grandfather Mountain, or the NC Rhododendron Festival. This event takes place June 15-16 in Bakersville, celebrating the wildflowers with a pageant, 10K run and more.

– Ashley Scholten, S&A Communications

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