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Cheerwine-inspired recipes, straight outta Salisbury

by The 100 Companies
cheerwine recipes

There’s only one Cheerwine, and it’s much more than just a tasty beverage. Any of these dishes are sure to bring a Carolina-cherry-fizz flair to your next potluck:

• Cheerwine can chicken – It’s like beercan chicken, but with Cheerwine.
• Crock-Pot pulled pork – Throw this in your slow cooker and forget about it in the upcoming winter months.
• Glazed Brussels sprouts – Your new favorite vegetable.
• Hushpuppies – Over 5000 were eaten at last year’s Cheerwine festival.
• Cupcakes with cherry frosting – What else would you have for dessert?

Call it a night with this margarita finished off with Texas Pete, another North Carolina original.

–  The 100 Companies

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