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Asheville makes top 10 best small city list

by Michael Polzella
New York City

Asheville was the only North Carolina small city to rank in the top 10 in Resonance Consultancy’s Best Small Cities 2018 list. Here are the top 10 small cities, defined as having a total population of less than 1 million people, in rank order:

• Honolulu

• Omaha

• Albuquerque

• Charleston

• El Paso

• Reno

• Tulsa

• Madison

• Myrtle Beach

• Asheville

Resonance Consultancy’s best cities ranking compares 28 factors in six primary categories: place, product, promotions, prosperity, programming and people. These categories were developed as a way to go beyond traditional indicators that other rankings use, and deeply measure the experiential qualities of each city.

Deneen Bloom, S&A Communications

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