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3 strategies for influencer engagement

by The 100 Companies

Engaging with industry influencers can exponentially enhance your association’s prominence and credibility. Here are three strategies:

1. Partnering and collaboration: Forge robust alliances with pivotal industry influencers through collaborations. Featuring them in events, webinars or co-created content amplifies your outreach, tapping into their network.

2. Influencer takeovers and guest content: Grant influencers control over your platforms to share insights. This not only heightens visibility but showcases a commitment to diverse value provision, emphasizing alignment with your mission.

3. Recognition and awards: Celebrate influencer contributions through awards. Accolades strengthen relationships and garner promotion, magnifying visibility.

For meaningful influencer engagement, prioritize authenticity and mutual benefit.

Colleen Lerro GallagherOnWrd & UpWrdThe Association 100

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