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The Triangle’s best barbecue

Best barbecue

Asking people to name their favorite barbecue joint is like discussing religion, money and politics during Sunday supper; you just don’t do it. But, we’re pushing past politeness and laying out our list of the Triangle’s best barbecue (we’re sure you’ll let us know if we’ve forgotten your favorite):

The Pit, Durham – Whole-hog, pit-cooked ‘cue topped with vinegary sauce.

Clyde Cooper’s Barbeque, Raleigh – Serving up slow-cooked eastern-style pork with a splash of vinegar-based sauce since 1938.

Backyard BBQ Pit, Durham – Pit-cooked pork shoulder, slow-smoked over hickory. Bring a sharpie to sign the walls.

The 100 Companies staff

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