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How many plagues before we change our minds?

by The 100 Companies
How many plagues before we change our minds

When Pharaoh refused to release the Israelites from slavery, 10 plagues changed his mind. He freed Moses to lead the tribes towards the Promised Land. Then Pharaoh reversed course, chasing them, leading his armies to be washed away.

We’ve had tornadoes, hurricanes, economic collapse. Now a virus passes through our homes – this time sparing firstborn – targeting elders. Forecasters predict imminent record heat and a 17-year cicada infestation. Quarantined, glued to screens, video from Minneapolis and Atlanta awakens our hearts.

Will we advance — manumit, listen and comfort our oppressed – or, like Pharaoh, reverse course, chase our past, ultimately being washed away?

Chris Schroder, The 100 Companies

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Paul Ossi June 24, 2020 - 12:48 pm

It was disconcerting to realize in your June 23rd piece that your readers support the call for “atonement of America’s original sin”, and you unabashedly printed it with no comment or counterpoint from those with different views. I for one don’t recall being around back then. Obviously today’s young people, some of whom are quick to utilize their own version of hate, as well as violence and rioting, to force others to “hear” their message, were not here either. Do they even know this country’s history? Are they prepared to leave if they can’t erase it?

It is insulting that protesters, politicians and media are unable to acknowledge that there are others who recognize the need for police department reform without having it shoved down their throats. Certainly this great, but imperfect, democracy would also benefit from other societal improvements like judicial reform, educational reform and economic and opportunity enhancements. It’s a shame we can’t discuss them rationally and proceed in that direction in a civilized way until more statues are toppled, more stores are looted and more police are injured and cop cars burned. This is all wrong!

We can see and we can listen and we can hear, but who is listening to us? Our voices are not being heard simply because our thoughts differ from those of our “woke” new masters. As such, it is doubtful this will be printed.

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